This is me….

then and now…

For those who don’t know me personally, I am a Slimming World member and am proud to say I am a Target (although a couple of pounds outside at the mo) and Platinum Body Magic member too.

I joined SW about 4 years ago originally but, without making too many excuses, life got in the way and I wasn’t as committed to my weight loss as I wanted to be. I also didn’t feel that the groups I tried were the right one for me and so tried to go it alone at home, thinking I know all of the basics and what I have to count ,etc, etc. But, as you can imagine, I didn’t stick to plan and didn’t lose any weight that way.

So with a dubious heart I entered, and joined, yet another group. I sat through the new members speech then stayed for Image Therapy and suddenly it all clicked! The consultant, the group, the feeling that this here is where I’m going to find the inspiration to reach my target weight and stick with it.

For the last 2 years and 2 months The Park Centre in Kingswood, Bristol has been my SW home and although I’ve swapped from a Thursday night to a Saturday morning, with a different consultant, I’m glad I stayed, even when I got to target. This, for me, is important as I know in my heart that if I stopped going and tried to maintain my weight at home, it wouldn’t happen. I still ‘jump out of target’ and sometimes struggle to get back in but going and staying to group helps me to pull it back and refocus on what I want the most.

Apart from losing the weight and being able to buy smaller and more flattering clothes, I have had other ‘non-scales’ victories such as gaining confidence in myself and not being so self conscious and last year I ran my first ever 10km race! I hadn’t run since leaving school and wouldn’t have tried again if I hadn’t started losing weight and had my husband, Rob, supporting and encouraging me.

So I am proud to show you a comparison of how far I’ve come and what a difference 2 hours every week has made to me and my life….



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